Our frozen custard is made fresh daily.

What is frozen custard?

To be considered frozen custard, it must contain at least 10% butterfat and 1.4% egg yolk. It is made daily and served at 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, there is no air beaten into the mixture during freezing. These details are what make custard different from ice cream. At Woolley’s, Brett and John formulated their own recipe which gives it a unique flavor that cannot be found anywhere else. They only use quality products for the best taste.

What is the difference between frozen custard and ice cream?

Frozen custard contains more egg yolk, is made fresh daily, and is kept at a higher temperature, giving it a smooth and creamy texture.

Is frozen custard gluten free?


Does Woolley's offer a low fat custard?

No, our custard is the real thing.

Frozen custard fun fact

Frozen Custard is a gourmet ice cream that first originated on Coney Island, New York, as a carnival treat at the turn of the century. The popularity of frozen custard quickly grew and was the rage of the East Coast. Frozen custard could be found at many East Coast resort areas. Many travelers had a chance to taste the new sensation, and it quickly spread to the Midwest. Milwaukee is currently considered the “Custard Capital of the World.” The popularity of frozen custard is spreading into other regions.

How do you make frozen custard?

Woolley’s uses an “old fashioned” style custard machine. The machine continuously feeds custard mix into the barrel. The mix is rapidly frozen, with low overrun and small ice crystals, resulting in a smooth, creamy texture. The product is silky rich with flavor. Woolley’s makes frozen custard several times a day; it is best when eaten fresh.  Once you try it, you will know the difference!